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Sandy Golias

My music journey began at the tender age of 11. The year is 1973.  I am sitting next to my grandmother on the piano bench.  She sings “Amazing Grace” in her amazing alto voice as she teaches me the notes on the staff.  My mom enters the room, sees me soaking it all in, and decides then and there to sign me up for piano lessons.  Years later, I completed my degree in Piano Performance and became what my grandmother had been to me: a teacher.


I taught elementary, middle school, and high school students for 15+ years in both public and private schools.  My greatest joy was bringing several big musicals to the stage such as “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and many more.  I even taught Kindergarteners to play bells and instructed 4th graders on the flutophone!  


At the age of 50, I went back to school to obtain my music therapy degree.  Two long years of hard work and four practicum semesters later, I passed the board certification test! 

My husband, Tim and I love living in the state of Colorado.  Just about every weekend finds us exploring a different place.  We especially love hiking and finding a babbling stream or river.  

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