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Mountain Music Therapy

Sandy R Golias, MT-BC

What is Music Therapy? 

"Music can have therapeutic effects on anyone in a casual setting. If you’re trying to concentrate or stay calm, classical music may help. If you want to relieve frustration or celebrate, rock music may be a great way to do it. However, music therapy is also a recognized professional discipline with many benefits and applications. How does music therapy work?  Music therapists use musical experiences as a means of patient communication and expression in clinical work, education programs, and community outreach initiatives. This process stimulates emotional, cognitive, motor, social, and creative development in the patient in order to enhance or restore their functional abilities. Patients who don’t respond well to other types of therapy

may make more progress with music therapy."

Music therapists work in psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitative facilities, medical hospitals, outpatient clinics, day care treatment centers, agencies serving persons with developmental disabilities, community mental health centers, drug and alcohol programs, senior centers, nursing homes, hospice programs, NICU units, correctional facilities, halfway houses, schools and private practice.

Where do Music Therapists Work?

Wooden Hut

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